The Ideal Fit: Are You The One?

Investment decisions are a bit like a treasure hunt. We’re always looking for those rare gems – climate tech entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world. If you tick the following boxes, you could be just what we’re searching for:

  1. Innovative Teams: Think you’re a pioneer in your field? Do you work wonders with what you’ve got, crafting impactful differences with limited resources? If so, we’re already interested.
  2. Effective Solutions: We have a soft spot for practical, well-executed products that tick major boxes in the market. If your product shows promise for growth and user adoption, it’s music to our ears.
  3. Outsized Impact: We keep our eyes peeled for ventures that promise a big, positive environmental bang for our buck. Got a clear path to make a serious positive environmental impact and can demonstrate robust market growth potential? Step right up.
  4. Pivotal Stage Projects: If your venture is in a stage where our funding could make a significant difference, yet traditional capital seems out of reach and standard grants don’t apply, we’re here for you. Our support aims to enable and propel your unique solutions to reality.

If this sounds like your team, we invite you to apply for funding with the Orca Climate Fund. It’s time to unite, roll up our sleeves, and craft a sustainable future for all. Let’s get this ball rolling!