Our Quest

We’re not here to just fund projects, we’re here to fuel revolutions. We’re all about bolstering climate-tech entrepreneurs, enabling them to craft, explore, and refine their trailblazing ideas. The end goal? To heal and sustain Mother Earth, from the depth of the oceans to the heights of the ozone.

Our North Star

Imagine a future where inventive enterprises beat in harmony with Mother Nature’s rhythm. This isn’t just a wishful thought—it’s the core of our existence, our everyday drive. We see true success not solely in dollar signs but in the commitment to replant, restore, and rejuvenate our Earth. In our vision, a ‘unicorn’ is not just a billion-dollar baby. Instead, it’s a brave entity dedicated to sustainable impact, one that gives back more than it borrows from our planet and promises to keep it thriving for the innumerable tomorrows to come.


Elijah Johnston

Board Member

🐢 Elijah Johnston

Elijah operates a venture accelerator for purpose-driven founders and a creative studio with a 230k sub content platform. He earned his design stripes as the youngest consultant at a global innovation firm, his engineering stripes as the lead instructor at the world’s top coding bootcamp, and his product stripes helping launch and scale over a dozen startups globally. He loves all things tech, culture, design, innovation, and spirituality, and earth.

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Dee Zheng

Managing Director

🐳 Dee Zheng

Dee is the Managing Director at the Orca Climate Fund where he works with founders to create generational impact towards creating planet-positive change. He has over two decades of experience as a founder and subject matter expert in the energy and chemical industries as well as carbon markets. He has supported and led private investments into climate solutions since 2018.

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Cameron Ogden-Fung

Board Member

🦈 Cameron Ogden-Fung

Cameron is the co-founder of Groove with Gaia, a creative studio that champions positive environmental and societal change. With an M.S. from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and research stints at Conservation International and NOAA, her expertise lies in biological oceanography and coral reef management. She uniquely blends art and advocacy, pushing for a regenerative future.

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Aaron Gillett

Board Member

🐬 Aaron Gillet

A Product Designer who’s worked with regenerative finance and decentralized applications, including KlimaDAO; the transparent, neutral, public infrastructure to accelerate global climate finance. He has helped design popular crypto apps used by millions, including Backpack and Phantom. I hope to use my experience of ReFi and product design to contribute to a better future.


Tha Zin

Board Observer

🐋 Tha Zin

Tha is the Head of Finance at Orca.so, the leading decentralized exchange on Solana. After two engineering degrees from Stanford University, she has helped develop over two billion dollars worth of renewable energy projects across Asia and the US. At this nexus of web3 and climate through the Orca Climate Fund, she hopes to leverage her background in clean energy and finance for positive environmental impact.


Kyle Riggenbach

Board Member

🐬 Kyle Riggenbach

Kyle is a small business owner that has gravitated to long term infrastructure as a pillar to success. First pursuing a degree in Accounting to benefit business operations, he now finds computer science being the next catalyst for my professional contributions to projects like the Orca Climate Fund. Proper allocation of capital will be his focus as the fund continues to perfect the process.


Our Values

  1. Transparency: Clear as crystal, that’s how we operate. Our investments, decision-making, impact reporting – it’s all laid bare. Building trust with you is key.
  2. Financial Sustainability: We’re committed to staying in the green financially and environmentally. By intertwining sustainable finance, we ensure our impact endures.
  3. Holistic Web3: Web3 technologies are a powerful tool. We’re bridging on-chain and off-chain, marrying science, tech, sustainability, and Web3 innovation. The result? A beautiful symphony of solutions for the future.
  4. Measurable Impact: We want to see the numbers. To track our progress, our environmental outcomes need to be quantifiable.
  5. Access: We’re about breaking down walls and democratizing access to resources. We empower those who need it the most, lighting the fuse for positive change.

Where Our Hearts (and Funds) Go

  1. Ecosystem Health Monitoring: Keeping our finger on the pulse of ecosystem health is a priority. Our aim? Make sure forests, oceans, wetlands – all our vital ecosystems, aren’t under siege from human activity. We’re championing strategies that mitigate the damage.
  2. Habitat and Biodiversity Preservation and Regeneration: We’re defending natural habitats and their biodiversity against destruction. Plus, we’re breathing life back into areas marred by human activity.
  3. Supply Chain and Materials Management: We’re backing businesses that prioritize eco-friendly supply chain management and responsible sourcing of materials. The objective? Practices that are kind to Mother Earth.
  4. De-Carbonization: We’re firmly committed to driving the transition from carbon-intensive industries towards more sustainable practices, prioritizing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.